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Sortimo Van Racking Nottingham, Derby & Leicester

Exec Spec are authorised Sortimo Van Racking Installation partner for Nottingham. We now offer quality Sortimo Van Racking & professional fitting service with Sortimo International products. Sortimo Van Racking are the leading manufacturer of Van Racking Systems and Mobile Transport Solutions in Europe. Not only do they offer shelf racking & flooring systems for all lightweight commercial vehicles, but Sortimo also produces BOXXes & Cases for Tradesmen, Service, and Industry. We are proud to serve local businesses & tradesman for the East Midlands with our Sortimo product range. Contact us today for more info or a quotation for your van or fleet.


Improved productivity. Better profitability.

Anything is possible with Sortimo – from a vehicle shelf through employee motivation to customer satisfaction.

Sortimo Van Racking generates organisation and structure in your transporter and offers an overview of the work material being transported. It is designed to make tasks during your mobile working day more professionalsafer and more profitable. The sophisticated organisation systems facilitate perfect intuitive handling, save protracted searching periods for the right tool, and make load securing child’s play.



Time Saving

  • Search Time Optimisation
  • Education In Special Journeys
  • Increased Productivity

Cost Saving

  • Increased Efficiency
  • Protection Of Materials
  • Vehicle Protection

Image Enhancement

  • A Professional Presence
  • Motivated Employees
  • Satisfied Customers

Sortimo is unique!

It is for this reason that the majority of van racking systems users place their trust in Sortimo.


  • Can be configured online with full cost transparency
  • Can be planned to meet individual requirements
  • Suitable for all vehicle brands
  • The correct solution for all trades

Full Service

All services concerning the commercial vehicle – one order, everything on its way:

  • Van racking
  • Vehicle lettering
  • Workplace organisation
  • Financing and leasing available


  • Opening the system to partners from the skilled trades sector and industry
  • Compatibility with partner products
  • Increased productivity
  • Enhanced efficiency


Sortimo Quality

  • Innovative material mix
  • Maximum durability
  • Made in Germany
  • Confirmed by independent institutes
  • Added value for the vehicle
  • Increasing residual value


  • Crash tests under real conditions
  • Integrated Load Securing
  • Quick handling
  • Personal protection
  • Protection for tools

Extras Without End

  • Online services available 24/7
  • Planning, structuring and organisation online
  • Comprehensive personal consulting
  • Special equipment for all applications
  • Fleet service to the deployment-ready vehicle


SR5 – The next generation.


Sortimo has developed the fifth generation of van racking – it is an intelligent mobility system which offers the user maximum efficiency in day-to-day working. SR5 embodies 45 years of experience, passion and expertise in a single unit. It has been designed so that you can configure it in accordance with your individual requirements and compliant with the sector stipulations in mySortimo configuration. Maximum load area exploitation, perfected workplace organisation and full compatibility with the tried and tested EcoSystem from Sortimo make SR5 the ideal partner in your day-to-day working.



SR5 – the 5th generation of Sortimo shelving systems

The organisation system that can be configured online for maximum efficiency in the working day.

With the intelligent SR5 shelving system, Sortimo has opened up a new dimension to the procurement and utilisation of van racking!

With all the advantages of the mySortimo Platform, the SR5 can be configured online, ordered directly via mySortimo configurationto suit individual needs and sector-compliant requirements. It can be supplemented to optimum effect by additional services such as workplace organisation using mySortimo labelsor vehicle lettering from mySortimo graphics.




Highest productivity. Can be configured online. Quick availability.

Employee motivation and a good impression made on the customer as well!

Maximum Load Spec Utilisation

Can Be Configured Online

Organisation Boots Productivity


Company-wide processes can be optimised even further by the SR5, and workflows become far more targeted and efficient. The shelving system has been designed to permit immediate access to the tools required and to allow loads to be stowed away clearly and in a well-structured manner. Drawers, cases and BOXXes, as well as numerous accessories, make the SR5 the perfect partner for every organisation in the skilled trade sector. The tried and tested ProSafe load securing system integrated in the van racking guarantees maximum safety for occupants and the load.




Compatible with BOXXes & Cases

BOXXes and Cases from Sortimo are the ideal solution for safe and organised transport of tools, machines, small components and consumables. They can be safely and easily integrated in the shelves of the racking system using the plastic slides or MultiSlides. Machines, tools and consumables can thus always be transported from the workshop to the individual site safely and neatly sorted.


Compatible with other manufacturers

Sortimo has also opened its system for products from other manufacturers to provide maximum benefit for its customers. For example, the new Hilti case can be fully integrated in the SR5 van racking. The Sortimo EcoSystem also offers full compatibility with various different manufacturers that use L-BOXXes as repackag­ing for their consumables and tools. They are thus simply and quickly fitted into the SR5 and conveyed safely on site.




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