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The deadlock is a very popular security option. With an increase in van break-ins. The deadlock is a cheap alternative to stopping thieves from gaining access to your expensive equipment. Available on the side load door and the rear barn door. Deadlocks keep your door locked with a separate key to your van. This is so even if the thief clones your key, disables the alarm or even the central locking. Your van will not open if the deadlocks are locked. This has been proved effective to many handymen as they come back to their van and someone as attempted to break in but doors all securely shut. It is a very wise for you to consider these locks. You can ask anyone who has had these locks, no one would regret the decision. 


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Audio Installs


With our very high tech audio installs, you will not be disappointed. We take great care and precision when completing any sort of work. But when it comes to audio, we like to give our customers the best quality that they are after. From giving a very crisp sound to giving almighty bass. We will always pursue to make the customer as happy as possible. This is what we as a company thrive upon. We believe customer satisfaction is key, and that is what we aim for. We have had many top of the range audio installs. And with this. We have had years of experience with audio and only offer customers the best that we can offer them. We try our best to give the customer especially what they want, this is our passion.



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