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BMW 335D – ETON Stage 3 Upgrade

  This Client came to us wanting to upgrade from their standard BMW system. We offered multiple different setup options, in the end, our client went for the BMW 335D – ETON Stage 3 Upgrade. Our BMW Audio Packages can be found HERE. We offer Audio Packages for all sorts of vehicles, these can also be found HERE.    

The BMW 335D – ETON Stage 3 Upgrade Install

  Working on this BMW 335D was a pleasure. This Client came to us wanting a more crisp sound without any distortion. But due to having no tweeters, our client was worried that they would not gain the crisp sound they wanted. But with the ETON B100 XW you would be surprised by the quality of sound that is produced. Whilst sat in the vehicle, you feel the power of the sound coming at you from all angles of the vehicle. With the additional tuning via our Audison BitTune, all sound produced was precisely tuned in every way possible to make sure our client had the best sound quality available to them. Our client wanted plenty of bass to give the audio that full impact, whilst still keeping to the budget in mind. We had the perfect solution. The ETON B195 NEO OEM direct replacement of the BMW Factory underseat subwoofers. It was surprising to our client how much of a difference these subwoofers made. it allowed more depth in the music they were playing, even at high volumes they still perform to the highest quality. By being a Direct replacement, there is no additional space taken up, our client received a huge quality upgrade, whilst using already occupied space. From tuning all the speakers, and subwoofers to lining every part of his doors and body with Skinz Expert Soundproofing. By using Skinz sound deadening, you are stopping sound from leaving the vehicle and keeping it enclosed inside, giving only the best sound experience. We went into every little detail to make sure our client was happy with their upgrade. With the addition of the 8 channel amplifier, the Audison AP8.9 Bit, it helps each speaker and subwoofer reach its full potential whilst still giving out that crisp, sharp sound. By bridging the amplifier to 4 channels, we supplied each Speaker & subwoofer with 130W each, allowing each product to perform at there highest quality.  

Our Clients Thoughts

Upon collection of their vehicle. Our client expressed how excited they were to finally hear all-new audio upgrade. After hearing our demo of the quality that the system produces, our client could not thank us enough. Our client could not believe how much difference it made, they were more than happy with the ETON System. This kind of reaction from our clients makes us feel proud in the work that we do, that is what Exec Spec strives for.

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